Google consolidates , Yahoo steps up

Lately Google seemed to expand to a monopol position in the search engine area while steadily assimilating new teams and markets and competitors like Yahoo did not seem to like it , less than a week ago Yahoo bought Inktomi and started its own search engine dispensing of the google services , before that Yahoo was using AltaVista since 1996 , Inktomi since 1998 and finally Google since 2002 , to power it’s web search .

Yahoo recently bought Overture for a shot at the growing PPC market on the heels of recent  acquisitions of AltaVista and Alltheweb/FAST ,
so at this moment the 2 giants in the search engine business are Google and Yahoo , and i am personally glad of the increasing competition presented by yahoo even tho’ my homepage is set to for 6 years now and it won’t change soon

A cause why Yahoo might have dumped Google might lay in the popularity decrease of the search engine giant due to it’s ongoing scandals pertaining Gmail , Pagerank , drugs , google bombing and a lot of other not the least relevant issues

Google Search

Firms/technologies bought/integrated into google : Sprinks AppliedSemantics

Search engines that are powered by google : AOL Search Earthlink Teoma Iwon Hotbot GO

Yahoo! Search

Firms/technologies bought/integrated into yahoo : Inktomi Overture

Search engines that are powered by yahoo : AltaVista Alltheweb MSN Search CNN Excite Kanoodle Infospace

Google tricks of the trade

Google without advertisments or adwords

the bad part with the adfree search is that you do not have a advanced search option

however you can put manually the options in the url like this

the url above for example shows 100 finds per page and to not have to write all the options every time you can make it your homepage like i do

Google in english indiferent of the country you are in

External tools:

Poodle from gritechnologies can help in search engine optimization

This interesting script at claims to show you how google is broken and what results it fails to show/rate like it should can show you the google pagerank for a specific site is also a extension of google , better put , some kind of a gui for some of the google functions i detail below

Special searches :

you enter for example “phonebook:mancini ca” in a google search box and you can access it’s phonebook listing

phonebook:nameaddress shows phonebook entry of person
define:word gives definition of any word
related:url same as “what’s related” on serps.
link:url Shows other pages with links to that url.
site:domain restricts search results to the given domain.
allinurl:url shows only pages with all terms in the url.
inurl: like allinurl, but only for the next query word.
allintitle: shows only results with terms in title.
intitle: similar to allintitle, but only for the next word. “intitle:webmaster google” finds only pages with webmaster in the title, and google anywhere on the page.
cache:url will show the Google version of the passed url.
info:url will show a page containing links to related searches, backlinks, and pages containing the url. This is the same as typing the url into the search box.
spell: will spell check your query and search for it.
stocks: will lookup the search query in a stock index.
filetype: will restrict searches to that filetype. “-filetype:doc” to remove Microsoft word files.
daterange: is supported in Julian date format only. 2452384 is an example of a Julian date.
maps: If you enter a street address, a link to Yahoo Maps and to MapBlast will be presented.
phone: enter anything that looks like a phone number to have a name and address displayed. Same is true for something that looks like an address (include a name and zip code) “+www.somesite.+net” (tells you how many pages of your site are indexed by google)
allintext: searches only within text of pages, but not in the links or page title
allinanchor: searches only within links, not text or title