Google consolidates , Yahoo steps up

Lately Google seemed to expand to a monopol position in the search engine area while steadily assimilating new teams and markets and competitors like Yahoo did not seem to like it , less than a week ago Yahoo bought Inktomi and started its own search engine dispensing of the google services , before that Yahoo was using AltaVista since 1996 , Inktomi since 1998 and finally Google since 2002 , to power it’s web search .

Yahoo recently bought Overture for a shot at the growing PPC market on the heels of recent  acquisitions of AltaVista and Alltheweb/FAST ,
so at this moment the 2 giants in the search engine business are Google and Yahoo , and i am personally glad of the increasing competition presented by yahoo even tho’ my homepage is set to for 6 years now and it won’t change soon

A cause why Yahoo might have dumped Google might lay in the popularity decrease of the search engine giant due to it’s ongoing scandals pertaining Gmail , Pagerank , drugs , google bombing and a lot of other not the least relevant issues

Google Search

Firms/technologies bought/integrated into google : Sprinks AppliedSemantics

Search engines that are powered by google : AOL Search Earthlink Teoma Iwon Hotbot GO

Yahoo! Search

Firms/technologies bought/integrated into yahoo : Inktomi Overture

Search engines that are powered by yahoo : AltaVista Alltheweb MSN Search CNN Excite Kanoodle Infospace

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