Revelations : Amaya

In a age when the browser seems to be more important than the content in it , i invite you to take a trip out from the general mood and present you with a rough , but hmm.. revelatory proposition

These day you can also not speak about browsers without mentioning the “nothing short of a revelatory experience” firefox , but the ony thing i will say about it is that it is just a classy mozilla branch , nothing more , and mozila is nothing but a good browser , it is not a revelatory experience , but allow me to introduce to to something that might be just that

However the revelations it might present might not be understood by the regular , and its rough but profound features migh not be a match to the classy and apeal to the ones that never seen a piece of hypertext source in their life , still i present you

I strongly encourage the ones of you who might have a webpage somewhere to use one of the atached logos to link to from their site , and this time Take back the code , the esence of the net and all software powering it , not something else.

*parts of the logos by

[attachments doctype=image]

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