To park or not to park

What would you say if not owning a garage your auto seller would supply by default a Mord truck by your house for you to park your new car into and told you this is your only alternative besides buying a garage from them?

Well such a situation is functional concerning Internet domains and this is what happens when you buy a domain and do not have a dns/hosting server.

But what if you are mislead into not taking your car from the truck in the morning , instead letting the truck drive you and your car to work?

This is a new situation where your active Internet domain is still parked on the same server and the traffic is transparently redirected to your server.

Well concerning cars and garages you would probably laugh at such a aberrations and no car maker would even hope such an plan to work just so they can proudly flaunt how many people drive Mord trucks but for Internet domains it works and i will go on detailing how GoDaddy does it.

You see in the last months there was a big racket over how a couple of million sites suddenly switched to windows servers.

Turns out that GoDaddy has moved all of it’s parked sites from linux servers to windows ones.

Well it’s their right to get greedy and host your parked site on whatever system pays off best for them, it legal too and somewhere along the registration you agreed to it.

But when you activate your domain and start using it and they still leave it parked just forwarding your traffic not only is it misleading for you and poisonous for webserver surveys but also damaging to the quality of the service and causing you problems like it did to the person that pointed this out to me.

I am talking about the owner of who was asking for alternatives to godaddys’s forced “truck” or expensive “garage” because they intentionally failed to inform him of any.

He , the owner of the domain and the content that should be on it has the ip and the content is served by a Apache webserver.

However points to the ip and the content is served by a IIS webserver.

In effect the content of the owner appearing to be hosted from a 2million+ domains** IIS*** webserver, in effect Go Daddy having mislead customers into having their active domains parked and putting up with inferior quality of service and other negative implications.

* reports as the ip of the server for and PARK5.SECURESERVER.NET**** as the hostname of the dns server for

** reports over 2 million domains being hosted on

*** reports IIS as the webserver on

****SECURESERVER.NET and it’s subdomains are known to have shady implications like

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