A bit of diNovo hacking

I recently replaced my trusty UltraX keyboard and mouse with the Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop for Notebooks and i had a seroius problem with pressing the Sleep button every time i picked it up so i just had to disable that.

The problem is that you can not disable it from windows if you are on a notebook with ACPI based power management instead of APM and the drivers do you no justice.

And you only have the option of shutdown or sleep for the sleep button in the windows interface , but by directly modifying the registry you can set it to a third “do nothing” action , which i promtly did , it is a dirty hack but it serves its purpose (reg file attached , needs reboot after run).

Next thing was not so much a problem but a nuisance , the mail button mapped to outlook express , the email client nobody uses , so i figured i should at least make that start total commander , so i produce a 3 line app to replace the outlook executable with which starts total commander.
(also atached , copy it to WINNTsystem32dllcachemsimn.exe then go to Program FilesOutlook Express and overwrite msimn.exe there too then create link.lnk shortcut to whatever program you fancy)

Besides the unconsistency in button placing of Insert and Del and the somewhat tiny mouse this is a good and confortable kit but it sorely lacks some serious key mapping features , just do not jump too soon at the bluetooth version , it seems to be affected by serious lag .

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