apple “magic” mouse testing

Personally i think a gesture enabled mouse is a great move, and am looking forward to seeing it implemented in more mice, besides the mighty mouse i have been using a Logitech Air mouse which has a touch scroll with momentum which i miss dearly when using the mighty mouse, i am sure the same will be true about gestures.

I am also a low profile mice guy, since the A4Tech OP620 i have been sold to the precision and handling mode of mice that do not look like you are supposed to rest your whole hand on, i am delighted that Apple also went this way tho i recognize that maybe in the future mice should come with 2 options (a raised or a low profile version) to suit everyone but Apple’s way is not about giving the user choice but taking that decision for them so i do not expect them to do this.

Additionally while not immediately apparent touch mice have totally different handling dynamics than legacy non touch mice, they are more similar in that respect to touchpads so it should come as no surprise that the low profile shape is the fitting one as opposed to the legacy mice’s breast shape that conflicts with the way touch devices are interacted with (roughly that the touches have meaning so they are non continuously applied)

I do have some issues with the magic mouse, when it was announced i was hoping a old issue with the apple mice might have been addressed, that is the inability to hold down both buttons, the mouse registers a left click when a user clicks with both the right and the left fingers pressing.

While the swipe functionality alleviates this a bit there are still a number of 3d applications, games, and browsers that need the old “poorman’s swipe” AKA Mouse chording a left swipe being similar to pressing and holding the right button then pressing the left and vice-versa, but this way of clicking can not be entirely replaced by the swipe feature as you can not swipe and drag for example.

What i do hope is that software developers will start to be aware of gesture enabled mice and of mice lacking 2button hold functionality, or even better mice manufacturers start making mice that implement both features, in any event here is a osx application i wrote for the purpose of testing mouse functionality.



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