what the sparkle doc’s won’t tell you

Sparkle is the updates framework for cocoa that “just works” , yea ok it does , however the documentation for it is a bit lacking on some very important aspects that i discovered over time :

1 – the preferences for your application must have SUAutomaticallyUpdate TRUE for autoupdates to happen , just setting SUEnableAutomaticChecks TRUE in the app’s Info.plist is not enough ,

NSUserDefaults *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];

[defaults setBool:YES forKey:@”SUAutomaticallyUpdate”];

[defaults synchronize];


SUUpdater *updater = [SUUpdater updaterForBundle:[NSBundle mainBundle]];

[updater setAutomaticallyChecksForUpdates:YES];


create a checkbox in the preferences of your app to toggle it on , unless you do that you have to use one of the methods above directly in code.

2 – since 1.0 sparkle implemented sparkle:shortVersionString to match CFBundleShortVersionString , the problem however is that it is only used when it also sees a different version in sparkle:version , for example if your app has

CFBundleVersion 1
CFBundleShortVersionString 1.1

and the appcast has
sparkle will say you have the latest version , it only uses shortVersionString if  version differs from CFBundleVersion

3 – some times you might also want to force a update , either when the user clicks a Update Now button or when the application launches

SUUpdater *updater = [SUUpdater updaterForBundle:[NSBundle mainBundle]];

[updater checkForUpdates:nil];


[updater setAutomaticallyDownloadsUpdates:NO];

[updater checkForUpdatesInBackground];

Both check for a update , however the first way also notifies the user if the current version is the latest one , so should only be triggered from a user action.

The second can be ran transparently on startup as it will not alert the user unless there is a new update , remember to set automaticallydownloadupdates off , or else the updates will only get downloaded and never installed (bug in Sparkle 1.5 b6)

EDIT: the bug has been confirmed for 1.5 b6 by Andy Matuschak , it is fixed in the github sources however http://github.com/andymatuschak/Sparkle/

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