Off by 7%

I noticed something quite strange today, almost a year since Apple launched their Magic Trackpad their marketing materials on the website do not depict the actual device correctly in terms of proportions.

Don’t get me wrong, a 7% width difference from the promotional images to that of the actual device is a far cry from deceptive marketing and had it been any* other company than Apple such a slip up would not even worth mentioning, but i find it quite notable given how notorious Apple is for the attention to detail in both products and marketing going as far as to depict the exact time that Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone on all iPhone marketing materials.

Here is how the images on compare to a image of a actual Magic Trackpad, all images show it 7% wider, and it is not that they do not have images of the hands on properly sized Magic Trackpads, boxes for it from the initial US version and the current EU version both show accurate sized devices.

*Take ViewSonic for example that had OSX depicted running on their ViewPad tablet‘s promotional materials

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