getting positive software feedback

It has been proven that the drive to give feedback on something is strongly polarized, that is the feedback is shaped by strong feelings either positive or negative, which makes sense, the people with median feelings do not care enough to give feedback, it should come as no surprise that this mechanic is relevant to getting positive feedback, basically to get positive feedback you want engagement, for people to care enough to say something, once you have that positive feedback is a given.

Negative feedback is inevitable, a user’s hardware or operating system could be defective, tampered by factors like jailbreaking/hacking or the feedback could be plain untruthful by either confusion or spambots/competitor malevolence, either way there will always be some, you might as well accept it.

However that inherent negative feedback is limited in scale, positive feedback can easily outpace it if there is any drive for the users to feel the need to express anything positive, what you want to do is instill that drive for positive feedback, those that have median feelings will not engage at all, it is only the poles of the spectrum that will generally be the source of most feedback.

Unless you have a serious problem that causes significant feedback all negative, just a little engagement to outweigh that inherent negative feedback will always tip the scale towards positive, with no engagement that little negative feedback is all you get.